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KATAOKA Engine has continued the development of special-purpose machine tools that go ahead of our times. As a result, we have succeeded in the commercialization of as many as 85 types of special-purpose machine tools for lathe-turning, grinding and polishing various piston rings to be built in various engines for motorcycles, passenger cars, large-sized trucks, ultra-large-sized ships, etc. Our machine tools exclusively for piston rings have marked a market share of 60% in the world.
For machine tools for camshafts, we have commercialized 6 types: cam milling machines for camshafts pf various engines to be mounted in passenger cars, trucks, generators and ships, cam polishing machines for super-finishing after grinding, and composite machines for cam grinding, journal grinding and key-groove milling. We are driving ourselves forward to satisfy our customers’ needs of machines for camshafts with out enthusiastic development spirit the way we are doing with our development of machines for piston rings.
 However, we do not limit our efforts to the markets of piston rings and camshafts. Based on our technologies and know-how we have accumulated for a long time, we have also commercialized 5 types of machine tools, including grinding machines for the inside diameters of seal rings for rotary engines and turning machines for nonmetallic special seal rings for automatic transmissions Thus, we have developed as many as 96 types of machine tools.
Even today, in order for us to satisfy the development demand from various industries with medium- and long-range outlooks for innovative special-purpose machines, we are actively promoting our framework and design work.
 Although our work is like “lighting a corner,”
KATAOKA Engine wishes to keep
this kind of work.


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