Technical Development

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Technological capability  for generating both ellipses  and perfect circles together

Firmly maintaining our belief  and striving for firm forms

Special-purpose machine tools for piston rings and camshafts are alien to the other types of machine tools. These machines are designed to lathe-turn and grind the work to the contours of ellipses and perfect circles and polish for finishing according to the theory of utmost pursuance. Because of irregular contours, high technological capability is required for the structures and functions of these machines and their controls. Also, these engine parts are requested to help the reduction of fuel consumption and the improvement of emission gas cleanness and durability by improving their contours and functions.
This indispensably requests unlimited pursuance of technological innovation from us.
KATAOKA Engine is working hard to firmly maintain the optimum development posture and keep responding to market demands at any time.



KATAOKA Engine’s Six Development Policies


Aiming at the reduction of manufacturing cost and stabilization of product quality by appropriately utilizing operators and saving labors, the systematization of manufacturing lines by fully automating them with various automatic units is being accelerated.
KATAOKA Engine is capable of proposing FA systems by employing articulated robots, inbound and outbound work stockers, by installing rings and spacers and by adopting various effective automatic units, such as APC and ATC.


To realize the assured in-process quality, it is requested that the complicated special-purpose mechanism of each unit should be simplified and machines should be developed by combining customized CNC.
In addition, KATAOKA Engine has succeeded in the development of special-purpose machine tools equipped with CCD cameras built in with machine and work system characteristics to collect data together with laser-beam measurement so that the collected data can be reflected in machining. These intelligent machines having data processing capability have made the in-process quality assurance complete at a high level.


●Multiple workpieces … Machining many work at a time
●Multiple tools … Machining with plural tools at a time
●Multiple processes … Machining plural processes on one machine
With the concept of these multiple processing, KATAOKA Engine can satisfy your requirements of higher quality and productivity, lower cost and fewer in-process mistakes.


To improve the productivity and reduce the cost to the maximum extent, a machine that is capable of machining different processes at the same time in parallel is required.
KATAOKA Engine can satisfy the customers’challenging requirements with free and bold ideas by defying stereotype.

Maximum Stiffness

To satisfy high-level requirements for higher productivity, higher quality and lower cost, the work supporting system is the most important element. Based on various hands-on work supporters and internationally obtained information, KATAOKA Engine proposes the optimum work supporters to deal with high-load machining and unstable machining.

Leveling Principle 

To maintain high-precision machining at a high level, it is essential to improve the spindle and slide systems to be high in precision and establish accurate pressurization technology. Oil-film lubrication,air film and accurate pressurization technology can maintain an appropriate and stable clearance and pressure and clear errors in installation parts. Therefore, hydrostatic or pressure-controlled spindles and slides can realize rotational and translatory precisions higher than the precision of components, and realize high-grade perfect-circle and non-perfect-circle machining, required surface roughness,etc. When the reliability (Cp value) of machining precision is improved, any error in machining and measurement precisions can be eliminated by employing an offset system applied with the leveling
principle. By variously applying the hands-on leveling principle, KATAOKA Engine can satisfy any high-level requirements of customers related to precision.

KATAOKA’s development story

Presenting each model of the newest machines and special-purpose machines under development

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