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KATAOKA’s Quality Policy

1. Quality is “responsibility” that we should assume.  2. Quality is “reliability” that we take over and sustain.  3. Quality is “infinitude” that we are based on  	in developing new products.  4. Quality is “continuation” that enables us to do recycling.  5. Quality is maintained by continuous QMS improvement.

KATAOKA’s environment policy

  About the acquisition of the ISO 9001 Certificate

KATAOKA acquired the certificate of ISO 9001, an international standard for quality assurance, in 2009. While refining the high quality and the developmental technique, we will keep manufacturing human- and environment-friendly products.

  About the CE Marking

KATAOKA complies with the CE Marking, a mandatory conformity mark for products placed on the market in the European Economic Area. Our products are conformable to the EC Directive on Safety resolved at the EU Council of Ministers. Accordingly, we have declared the safety of our products.

KATAOKA Engine contributes to the  environmental improvement on a global basis  by reducing the mechanical loss of engines


We will keep developing machine tools specially designed for  environment-friendly engine parts.

While the more environmental considerations and energy saving are attracting attention in the internal-combustion engine field, the more the importance of the functions of engine parts, such as piston rings and camshafts and their quality and const reduction, is growing.
Piston rings turned out by various special-purpose machine tools of KATAOKA Engine can satisfy various needs, such as appropriate pressure distribution to be achieved by ideal ellipse, friction reduction by width narrowing, durability improvement by machining in compliance with various special coatings on outside diameters and edge faces and adoption of steel as material.
As a result, we have helped the manufacture of clean, fuel-efficient engines, for which we have obtained high reputation in the world. Also, for camshafts, we are contributing to friction reduction and longevity by achieving ideal cam contours and super-finishing after grinding.
KATAOKA Engine has launched a team of machine tool development specially designed for engine parts with fresh ideas, promoting mechanical loss reduction by as much as 65%.

Presenting each model of the newest machines and special-purpose machines under development

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KATAOKA’s development story
Mechanical loss ratio of engines that can be improved by introducing KATAOKA Engine’s special-purpose machine tools or their development